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We would like to introduce the ACMC (Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs), whose main purpose is to assist the individual motoring enthusiast to continue the enjoyment of our long-standing pastime/hobby. Our aim is to bring together representatives of the various motoring enthusiast groups, to share, experience and consult with the goal of being an integral part of all working parties in relation to our members and to bring a positive influence. We are here to assist in the development of safe and workable guidelines relating to our pastime/hobby. To achieve this, our goal is to represent a meaningful number of enthusiasts in order to consult and operate in partnership with government, industry and other motoring organisations.

2013 Motor Enthusiasts Conference

Following the huge success of last year’s Motoring Enthusiasts Conference, the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) is staging the event again on Sunday, February 17th – which will be held at newly revamped Sydney Motorsport Park, thanks to the generous support of the ARDC. Entry will be exclusive via gate B (off Peter Brock Drive), which opens at 9 am. The beauty of this event is that it’s open to all enthusiasts and is a perfect opportunity to mingle with many different enthusiasts, whether they’re a street machine, hot rodding, classic or 4×4 enthusiasts. Entry is free to all and everyone is encouraged to come along. A huge turnout sends a clear message to the bureaucrats as to the strength of our numbers, which in turn gives the government far more incentive to favourably-resolve the issues faced by all motoring enthusiasts. There is also a separate, face-to-face delegate conference with the Minister for Roads and Ports, the honourable Duncan Gay along with senior officials from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and Roads and Maritime Service (RMS). Entry to the delegate conference is by pre-purchased ticket only.


Controversial Bill Passed – 16 April 2013.  Delayed commencement for 6 months to allow time to educate the public and to address logistical and administrative changes. Grunt Files along with the ACMC is endeavouring to educate our community about the changes and will be providing as much information in the coming weeks and months on this site.  One thing for certain there is still much confusion.

ACMC Queensland

The first meeting of the ACMC Qld saw the gathering of all the major disciplines of the Queensland Car Culture in one room. The message was clear – it is time to bring all the sub-groups together so we can become a strong unified voice. We are entering a new phase for our community. It is an exciting moment in our history. It is time for all disciplines to come together to ensure the future of our sport, our hobby, our lifestyle.

There was representation from the following Disciplines

ASMF – Australian Street Machine Federation

ASRF – Australian Street Rod Federation

4WD Association

Qld Historic Motoring Council

Japanese/Euro Representative

ANIMA – Australian National Street Machine Association

With a Queensland Chapter now formed and a Victorian Chapter planned for the middle of this year, with other States to follow; the future looks bright for motoring enthusiasts.

It is about taking control of our future by coming together as one.

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